Today I received a mailing from a local arts center and they listed some new classes, including “Introductory Jewelry-Making for Seniors (60+).”

Whoa, my 60th is next week. Am I a senior already?

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The magic of snow-dyeing

I did some snow-dyeing this weekend, and here are the results:

I was somewhat disappointed by the amount of undyed fabric this time, but perhaps this is a good thing in disguise. I’m already thinking of what I might do to add interest to the pieces, rather than hoarding them as is — always a danger if the piece turns out TOO good.

I’ve documented my process in case you’re interested.

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New paradigm for education?

I found this video by Ken Robinson about our educational system really interesting. Since I don’t have children in school, I’ve felt kind of unqualified to comment on the goings-on surrounding educational “reform” over the past few years. But of course, I was once a student!

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